Mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain around the middle, low libido?

Tired of the menopause roller coaster?
Want to find relief, peace of mind and natural solutions?

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~ Recent Podcasts and Blog Posts~

032: Anti-Aging for Delicate Female Parts with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Painful intercourse, lack of libido, dryness or (eek!) urine leakage? These symptoms are some may be associated with menopause. Learn the facts!

031: Mindful Eating with Angela Gaffney

Mindful eating is more than just thinking about what you put inside of your mouth. Get a new perspective on this concept and tips to incorporate now.

030: Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays can bring waves of new stress to your already hectic life. Holiday stress and menopause symptoms at the same time are no fun. Learn our tips!

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