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~ Recent Podcasts and Blog Posts~

030: Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

The holidays can bring waves of new stress to your already hectic life. Holiday stress and menopause symptoms at the same time are no fun. Learn our tips!

029: Pelvic Floor Puzzle

Incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections, pelvic organ prolapse and bowel disorders can be scary topics. Expert Melanie Schlittenhardt, NP, explains

028: Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy – Pros and Cons

Searching the internet for info on hormone replacement pellet therapy? It can be confusing and frustrating to get the right information. We’ve got it.

~ Most Popular Podcasts ~

Episode 001: Menopause 101, The Big Picture

If you’re like most women, menopause symptoms come as a total shock. You aren’t expecting it, no one told you anything about it and you are unprepared!

Episode 013: The Menopause Diet

Learn why fad diets, like eating like a cave women don’t work in menopause. Rhonda breaks down the top 5 eating crazes and tells you what to eat now.

Episode 022: Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Strategies During Menopause

Prevention of breast cancer is not getting your annual mammogram.  Mammograms are diagnostic tools not breast cancer risk reduction.

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