Mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain around the middle, low libido?

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~ Recent Podcasts and Blog Posts~

Blog Post and Video: Anxiety During Menopause

Got Anxiety? Most perimenopausal and menopausal women suffer from this most unwanted symptom. Learn some natural strategies that may help.

Episode 025: Menopause and Gratitude

Practicing gratitude during menopause might not be what you would expect as a natural strategy but the mental and physical benefits might surprise you.

Episode 024: Special Guest Katrina McGhee, Founder, Loving on Me

Transition time: menopause. Feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence or not knowing your life’s purpose crushing your spirit? Loving on Me will help!

~ Most Popular Podcasts ~

Episode 001: Menopause 101, The Big Picture

If you’re like most women, menopause symptoms come as a total shock. You aren’t expecting it, no one told you anything about it and you are unprepared!

Episode 013: The Menopause Diet

Learn why fad diets, like eating like a cave women don’t work in menopause. Rhonda breaks down the top 5 eating crazes and tells you what to eat now.

Episode 022: Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Strategies During Menopause

Prevention of breast cancer is not getting your annual mammogram.  Mammograms are diagnostic tools not breast cancer risk reduction.

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