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Age 54, Portland, OR

Since I am post menopausal I thought I didn’t need any of this information.  Wow, I was wrong!  On a recent trip from Portland to Seattle I listened to the entire course while driving and wished that my family was in the car to hear some of this stuff too!  I just love how the information is all in one place and Rhonda has such a great way of explaining these complicated details.


Age 57, Bismarck, ND

Even as a fitness instructor with great nutrition, my menopause hit me hard.  My symptoms were interrupted sleep, lack of motivation and fatigue.  Rhonda demystified the complexities of hormones for me.  I feel great, with more energy, motivation and balance.  You are going to feel so much better from the inside and out.  Rhonda is a real life line.


Age 50, Atlanta GA

In addition to learning so much more than I thought I would, I was inspired.  We all know about trying to be healthy, but this course is presented in a holistic manner that made me look at “healthy lifestyle” in a whole new way.


Age 55, Portland OR

The information is so exciting and there is so much built into this course. How come my OBGYN doesn’t share this stuff with me? I don’t ever hear about all of the different hormones and how they work together.  You only hear about estrogen with perimenopause and menopause.

This course was so informative! Thank you, Chris and Rhonda. I was honored to be a beta tester. I learned so much! This new knowledge helps me every day. I cannot believe how little of it is out in the world. You’ve put together an amazing course. Bravo!



Age 52, Minneapolis, MN

It is a relief to work with someone who validated that my symptoms were normal and can be fixed.  Her protocols weren’t overwhelming but enabled me to get both my body and mind back to normal.  She’s so much more than an average nurse practitioner.


Age 49, Olive Branch Mississippi

My old strategies simply stopped working and no one could tell me why. Now I know that nothing is in a vacuum.  It’s a process and it is as much an art as a science.  You’re getting hours of time with a healthcare professional and learning what you’ve never been able to ask before because you never have the time.  That’s what you get with this course…everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Additional Praise

…from “Anonymous” Menopause University Alumni

“It gives me great information to understand what is happening to my body.  I love that you keep it real!”

“I really love the downloads with each lesson so I can review and absorb the nuggets over time.”

“I just love all of the shortcuts and recommendations.  It feels like another benefit to the cost of the course is that Rhonda has vetted all of these sources for us, thus saving us hours and hours of research.”

“Office Hours was the best part.  I will definitely keep coming back.  It really made the course personal.”

“This whole course is so packed with great information.  I feel stronger about how to make good choices and I love the guidance provided.  I don’t just like to be told something.  I always want to know “why”, this course definitely delivers.  So good, I highly recommend this course.”

“It was so organized, easy to understand and structured in a manner that was easy to follow and gave very clear protocols to follow!”

“I loved the Symptom Checklist enhancement.  It painted a picture to see how my body was reacting to this whole perimenopause thing!

“The Doc Talk ebook is fantastic.  There is never enough time with my doctor.  This resource will help me figure out what to say during my next visit so I don’t forget when I already have so much on my mind.”

“Vaginal rejuvenation…wow.  I didn’t know anything about these options or these treatments.  So glad you are enlightening women.”

“Rhonda did a great job on the Hormone Replacement Therapy lesson explaining a very controversial and complex treatment option. I’m glad she highly recommends lifestyle/exercise etc. before this option because I hope to NEVER have to add this option to my daily life.”

“The lesson on toxins was my favorite.  I took a really good look at my environment and realized how many toxins had snuck into my life.  Especially about what does on my skin!”

“Adaptogenic herbs, who knew!? This was all new information to me and super helpful.”



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